The Resource Tree is my fourth baby--behind my daughter and two cats.


As a teacher, I would spend my  summers

thinking about the books I was assigned to teach in the fall.  Just to give some perspective--I usually had two classroom preps: three sections of one level (ex. 11th grade English) and two sections of another (ex. 9th grade English), and each prep had three works of literature that needed to be covered for the semester.  I would prepare as best as I could, only to return in September to find out I was assigned a different class. Trying to teach a novel as I was reading the novel, is not only stressful, but did not allow time for proper planning. Over the years, I worked out ways to plan so that it would not be as stressful.  However, a few years ago, I made the switch to counseling.  Being a school counselor has given me insight into students that I wish I had as a teacher, and my work as teacher has helped me better serve students in my capacity as a school counselor.


I decided to create The Resource Tree, which  is ever growing and evolving to give teachers the tools they need to help teachers spend less time planning and more time tailoring instruction to fit the needs of their students. The tools are instructional, but driven by a social/emotional perspective.


This blog is a space for me to share my ideas, new products, and communicate with you.  I hope you enjoy.  

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